Tarry and the Towns

Who is Tarry?

"Tarry and the Towns" is a remarkable musical endeavor that formed through jam sessions involving five musicians in the Tarrytown neighborhood of Austin, Texas. The band consists of Ian Sloan (lead vocals), Zachary Sloan (backup vocals, rhythm guitar), Kenny Albert (bass guitar), Michal Witek (lead guitar, keys), and Conner Cox (drums). Over several years, they've accrued a myriad of experiences, from performances at local dive bars to prestigious venues like the iconic Austin Texas Moody Theater.

Their discography encompasses three projects. The first is their self-titled LP, released in 2021, which features a fusion of Blues, Indie, and R&B, containing notable tracks like "Drunk Talk" and "Her." The second project is an EP, launched in 2022, which explores a blend of psychedelia and hard rock, and features three singles: "Battle Scars," "Blame Game," and "Antidote." Lastly, their third project is a collection of singles that will culminate in an LP titled "What’s Behind the Door." This LP incorporates new members, Michal and Zach, and is projected to be completed by the end of 2023. Two singles from this project, "Her Lies" and "Darling," have currently been released, boasting a fuller sound attributed to the new members bringing dual guitars and an additional vocalist to the ensemble.

Tarry and the Towns aspire to sustain the momentum of their journey by personally connecting with more listeners through live shows and expanding their records to an even broader audience.